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XFL Power Rankings & Myles Garrett Claims Rudolph Used Slur

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XFL Power Rankings & Myles Garrett Claims Rudolph Used Slur

XFL Power Rankings & Myles Garrett Claims Rudolph Used Slur. That’s Good Sports brings the only official XFL power rankings list. Josh Norman has been released by the Washington Redskins. Vernon Davis showed off his acting skills as he fake cried on ESPN.


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Myles Garrett in an ESPn interview with Mina Kimes claims backup Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph called him the “N” word, which is why he swung a helmet and hit Rudolph in the head during a fight between the Browns and the Steelers. Garrett was just reinstated into the NFL. Vernon davis just retired, and will now be starring in films, and his crying on ESPN was the best gift to the internet since cats. The Bengals will work with Andy Dalton to trade him to a team he desires, and Stephen A. Smith claims Terrance Williams would be good for Tom Brady if Brady choses the Dallas Cowboys.

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