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Why the New England Patriots are the most hated and most entertaining franchise in NFL history

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I think by now all football fans know the story of the New England Patriots. A team that once struggled to simply stay afloat, is now front and center amongst the rest of NFL royalty.

Only the Pittsburgh Steelers can match the Patriots in Super Bowl wins. There are so many things that have transpired over the last two decades that has made the Patriots the most successful and most hated franchise in arguably all of professional sports.

But, whether you hate them or you love them, one thing is for sure. They’re always being talked about.

Since 2001, the Patriots and their fans have experienced the highest of highs…

And of course, the absolute lowest of all lows…

The Patriots have amassed six Super Bowl championships since 2000. They have also been to nine Super Bowls altogether within that time. Which means they also have three losses in the big game as well.

Eight of those nine Super Bowls were decided by one possession, with the largest margin of victory being their win against the Rams last season.

So basically, when the Patriots play in the sports biggest game, you’re almost guaranteed to be entertained.

Now with that being said, there is also a flip side as well. The Patriots have found themselves involved in controversy over the years as well.

Eric Mangini explains what went wrong with 'Spygate'| THE HERD

In 2007 the Patriots were involved in the spygate scandal, which was the result of team employees filming during a game from an undisclosed location. The NFL laid down punishment and everyone moved on from there.

That was it right?

Tom Brady’s Infamous Football Cheating Scandal

The fiasco from the DeflateGate scandal lasted well over two years. The talk about it will most likely last a lifetime.

Those two scandals alone have been talked about for over a decade combined. And I haven’t even mentioned Aaron Hernandez and most recently, the two week extravaganza involving Antonio Brown. As well as the Robert Kraft and his visits to the ole massage parlor.

Michael Vick this is Why Antonio Brown released by Patriots after playing one game

The back stories that have followed this franchise for years have been captivating. Whether you love them or you hate them, they are regularly the topic of most people’s football discussions.

Every bit of the Patriots dynasty is discussed almost daily. It’s tough to go on certain forms of social media without seeing some sort of debate regarding them. Or better yet, TV and Radio personalities doing the same.

Whether it’s positive or it’s negative, there always seems to be some sort of buzz surround the New England Patriots. I truly believe because of the winning, the storylines and the day and age of social media, that they truly are the most hated and the most entertaining franchise in NFL history.



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