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Why it makes sense for Kofi Kingston to win tonight’s Elimination Chamber

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After reading this, many of you may think I’m crazy, but here is why I believe Kofi Kingston should win tonight’s Elimination Chamber match.

Does Kofi Kingston deserve a run with the WWE Championship?

His performance on SmackDown live alone was worth the price of admission last Tuesday, but it’s more than just that. Kofi has been performing at a high level in a WWE ring for around a decade now. Real wrestling fans know that what they saw was really nothing new.

But, that right there is a problem. Kofi has been tremendous in the ring. However, during his career he has never been taken seriously. Mainly because he has never been booked in a serious manner.

Kofi has tremendous talent which has seemingly been taken for granted for many years

Maybe it’s time for that to change…

Kofi is one of three members of The New Day, a faction that his been one of the more popular attractions and at times, the most popular attraction in WWE for the last several years.

The New Day have had a run in WWE that nobody saw coming

The group is almost a small collection of WWE misfits who came together to give us entertainment at every aspect during their run together. Everything but one important thing.

A serious run together.

The one thing missing during the New Day’s tenure has been a serious singles title reign

Most of what we’ve seen for some time now is a lot of goofy segments from this trio. A title win for Kofi tonight could pull not only the biggest spotlight they’ve ever seen, but a more serious role.

Now, if anyone reads this they will probably just laugh at everything they just read. Even I don’t truly think that this will be the route the company goes. But, would it really be such a bad thing if they did?

The New Day has captivated a range of audiences with the WWE

Kofi is a tremendous performer and would be more than deserving of an opportunity such as this. Add in Big E and Xavier Woods and you could have a great story to tell with these guys.



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