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Why all of the talk about AEW is both exciting and getting way out of hand

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The year was 2001. WCW had given a valiant effort to compete with the WWE, but it had failed and was finally going to have to close it’s doors. Wrestling was conquered and dominated once again by Vince McMahon.

Sure, over the last two decades we’ve seen a company like TNA garner so interest as well as some independent companies making a name for themselves also. However, none of which were even remotely able to sustain the run WCW had made in the late 90s. It just seemed like WWE was the giant shark in an ocean full of smaller fish.

That was until now…..

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks announce the launch of All Elite Wrestling

Just about one month ago, Cody Rhodes made an announcement that set the wrestling industry on fire. He, along with the Young Bucks had joined forces with NFL owner Tony Khan and would be starting a new promotion called All Elite Wrestling. On that same day, it made a big splash by announcing some names who had signed, the biggest being none other than Chris Jericho.

Since then the talk of this company has spread like wildfire. Another rally was held in Las Vegas just over ok next week ago. More talent was introduced, including the biggest name to sign with the company. Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega speaking at the Double or Nothing rally in Las Vegas

Double or Nothing will be All Elite Wrestlings first Pay Per View event as a company. It will air on May 25th. It sold out in just four minutes. Everything involving this company seems to be headed in the right direction. How could you say one negative thing about this company. It couldn’t be done? Right?


While some of what we’ll talk about now may seem negative, it is in fact the complete opposite. It’s just simply discussion about some of the interesting and down right foolish things we’ve seen over the last few weeks regarding the company moving forward.

The topic I would like to address here is the one that has been driving me nuts for not just the last few weeks, but really since the beginning of time on the internet.

We have seen in just the last week alone, some of the wildest and flat out dumbest rumors you could possibly ever imagine. Not only that, but desperate wrestling fans who are dying for a new and fresh product are soaking up every word of it. Rumors thrown around mind you, with no source and or fact behind them.

There are three main rumors as of late that are circulating that are among some of the more laughable ones that I have seen in all my days as a wrestling fan.

The first are the rumors of current WWE star Dean Ambrose leaving when his contract is up in April. Articles have stated that he will leave for AEW and could receive as much as five million dollars per year in his supposed new contract.

Dean Ambrose is rumored to be leaving WWE in April

Not only is that laughable, it’s nowhere near truthful. Ambrose makes roughly one million dollars annually in WWE. If he’s going to leave willingly, why would he need a 500 percent increase in pay to join All Elite? With the company having 100 million dollars as an initial investment, it’s going to dump five percent of that into a performer who hasn’t really drawn the type of audiences that would command such a figure.

The next. Dave Bautista joining AEW

Dave Bautista is another name that has been linked to joining AEW

Bautista joined his good friend Chris Jericho to record an episode of Talk is Jericho earlier this week. Next thing you know, he’s a shoe in to join the company. Only problem with that is, he was seen at WWE headquarters this week and is on the record stating he will not perform for any other company other than WWE. So, let’s throw this rumor right where it belongs. In the garbage.

Lastly. The Undertaker….

The DeadMan has signed a deal to make an appearance at an event in Las Vegas the same weekend as Double or Nothing. You know what that means right? He’s joining AEW for sure. Except for the fact that the event he’s doing has zero affiliation with the company. Could it happen? I guess. But, don’t look for the most loyal guy in WWE history to jump ship and join a company that hasn’t yet aired a second of footage on live television. Let’s put this on the back burner for now.

The Undertaker may be done performing in a WWE ring. Is All Elite an option for the DeadMan?

There have been many other rumors, but the fact is that the list is too long to discuss every single one. AEW will bring in a few big names to garner attention and to bring in viewership. However, let’s wait and see who they actually are. It’s hard to believe a company who’s mission statement is to bring young, independent wrestlers to the forefront would abandon that statement before they even have a TV deal in place.

Another tidbit no one is making mention too is that the men running this company, along with the man staking the money in advance to create it, have no prior experience running a wrestling company. Now, I’m saying by any means that they will fail, but there will be a learning curve.

In the end, I’m not here to tell you that AEW will be a large success nor am I here to tell you that it will be a colossal failure. I’m simply saying that we should let this play out and see how it goes. I’m also saying that you shouldn’t believe every rumor you read on the internet. Good luck All Elite, you’ve got a lot of pressure on your shoulders and the wrestling industry and it’s fans are expecting great things. Let’s hope you can deliver.



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