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What went wrong in the Steel City?

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When the three B’s were put together in Pittsburgh, the possibilities were endless as to what this team could achieve.

They had teamed up a hall of fame quarterback with the leagues best wide receiver and arguably had the best dual threat running in all of football.

And then, something happened…

Bell, Brown and Ben were unstoppable at times in Pittsburgh

Things started to come apart at the seams. But, it wasn’t a quick rip like taking off a bandaid. It’s been a slow and agonizing process. One that has played out for all of us to see.

At first, the three combined to form one of the leagues most potent offenses. However, that never translated into the ultimate goal. Winning a Super Bowl. And, in a city that is tied for the most in NFL history, that is the only standard you’re held too. Second place is not an option.

Then came the real juicy saga…

Bell and Brown have voiced their displeasure with the Steelers via Social Media

It all began last offseason. The Steelers had placed the franchise tag on running back Le’Veon Bell. It seemed normal. Make him one of the highest paid backs in the league and work on a long term deal. Only problem is that never happened.

Bell was unhappy with the franchise tag and sat out the entire 2018 season

Bell never reported to the team and while he sat out the entire season, he didn’t miss any chances to make comments and stir the pot as to why he wasn’t on the field.

The Steelers were able to move on for the most part, but late in the season, inconsistent play had them on the verge of missing the playoffs. How could this be? How could this team that looked like a Super Bowl contender for years to come be struggling just to make the playoffs?

Not only did we not get answers, but the problems continued…

In the Steelers final game this year, Antonio Brown was ruled out with an apparent “knee” injury. The Steelers won, but so did the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers we’re going to be spectators. They had missed the playoffs.

We would soon find out that Browns absence had nothing to do with a knee injury, but rather because of an outburst between him and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Big Ben has been the focal point of Brown’s frustrations

The argument started over an issue at practice and ended in Brown punting a football and Mike Tomlin sending him home and benching him for Sunday’s game. That Sunday during their final game, Brown left the stadium at halftime. Not even sticking around to support his teammates.

During the short amount of time since we have seen some strange behavior from Brown, we’ve heard silence from Big Ben and Bell seems to basically be an afterthought at this point.

When they were put together, it seemed to good to be true. Maybe in fact, that was the case.

When these three were put together it seemed almost too good to be true. Apparently, that may have been the case after all.



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