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Vikings, Packers, Steelers, Dolphins Win & Dak Prescott’s Workout

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Vikings, Packers, Steelers, Dolphins Win & Dak Prescott’s Workout

Vikings, Packers, Steelers, Dolphins Win & Dak Prescott’s Workout. Dak Prescott’s warmup or pre game workout became an instant meme. Kirk Cousins wins during prime time. Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @manscaped w/code GOODSPORTS at!


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Gerald McCoy was flagged for roughing the passer, but Aaron Rodgers caught the flag laying on his back. It was a bad call that did help the Packers in a close game with the Panthers. Aaron Jones out performed Christian McCaffrey with 3 touchdowns. But Vikings running back and Christian McCaffrey should be in their own category of the top 2 in the NFL. Kyle Allen played well in a loss. The Vikings got a big win in Prime Time for Kirk Cousins, on 2 Kyle Rudolph touchdowns. Amari Cooper had an amazing toe tapping touchdown grab, and Dak Prescott nearly threw for 400 yards in a loss. Dak’s pregame hip warmup is all Cowboys fans have to distract themselves from dropping a key game. The Dolphins win 2 in a row, and Brian Hoyer throws 3 interceptions. The Steelers have now won 4 in a row with Minkah Fitzpatrick making a case for defensive player of the year. That’s Good Sports recaps football.

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