UK Head Coach John Calipiri gives hand to a 5 year old Phenomenon Jackson Connor

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This little wildcats fan dream has come true this year as he sat behind the UK bench as they clinched their undefeated season victory.

Jackson Connors. At 5-years-old is drawing lots of attention.

Connor is with-out his right hand.

Jackson’s mother Rachel Roberge said on behalf of her and her husband Skip,
“We both started to cry and I looked over at the radiologist, she was crying. And it was pretty devastating for us,” looking at the 3 D scan showing Connor missing a hand during pregnancy.

“At that point all of your expectations of what your child is going to do are not endangered, but you just don’t know,” said Skip Connors. “You think you’re going to have a son and you’re going to do all the things that I did with my dad when I was growing up, baseball, basketball. And you think, ‘How is that going to happen now without a hand?’”

Jackson asks his father, “Is my hand gonna grow?” Skip responded, “No, that’s the way God made you and that’s what you have.”


Skip then tells us, “He may have gotten a little sad once in awhile, but he bounces right back. He looks at what he has and what he can do versus what he doesn’t have and what he can’t do.” Jackson Connor tells us he refers to his full right hand as his “special hand.” and believe it or not is noted for having “off-the-charts dribbling.”

John Calipiri gives little bro some (stellar advice) during his visit to UK practice where The Connors Joined the team, he said, “I’ve known Jackson since he was born, and I don’t even think Jackson knows that Man, I’m a little different.’I think he looks at this and he doesn’t see it as something that is gonna hold him back. That’s what makes this great and unique.”

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