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The Golden State Warriors are now Kevin Durant’s team

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Many people will disagree with the title of this article, but the fact still remains that the Warriors are no longer Steph Curry’s team. It’s Kevin Durant’s for the time being.

While Curry is a tremendous player and the greatest shooter we have ever seen, as a while he is nowhere near the player Durant is. Durant is the best pure scorer in the NBA and is the guy who has won the last two Finals MVP’s.

Say what you want about him joining an already great Warriors team, but while you say that, answer me this. Who’s the best player they have? It’s Durant.

He’s been so great over the last three seasons that it’s almost gone under the radar. While Curry is a great leader and is original to the franchise, Durant just elevates that team to a level no one else can.

I’m not saying you have to agree, but there’s no denying who the biggest star is on the Warriors. He wears number 35.



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