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Team LeBron defeats Team Curry 148-145

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The all star gane has just ended and Team LeBron has beaten Tean Curry 148 to 145.

LeBron led the way for his team and is the MVP of the game with 29 points, to go along with 10 rebounds and 8 assists.

Kevin Durant added 19 points and Paul George had 16.  Those two are apart of a list that had 9 guys for Team LeBron in double figures.  Russell Westbrook also flirted with a trible double.

All in all what is usually a fairly dull event, was actually entertaining and fun.  A close game gave it some drama which was cool.  Hopefully next year they will do the draft right before the game starts.  That would make it much more interesting!  Let me know your thoughts on the game.



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