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  • Andrew Paulo | April 21, 2015

    Star Pats : A New Season

    With ESPN making a weird comparison of the Patriots to the Star Wars Saga, here’s a cool little...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 19, 2015

    Sunday Match Of The Day!

    Awesome match between two former greats Eddie Guerrero and Edge! Enjoy folks!

  • Andrew Paulo | April 18, 2015

    NBA Playoffs Begin Today!

    Today is the start of the NBA playoffs and it could be one hell of a run. The...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 15, 2015

    Boston Bombing Tribute- Never Forget

    It was two years ago today that the city of Boston was devastated with a horrible terrorist attack...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 14, 2015

    Deep Sea Fishing

    Just a video of some happy Aussies doing some deep sea fishing near the Great Barrier Reef. check...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 14, 2015

    Nasty Car Crashes

    A compilation video of some of the worst car wrecks you will see in Nascar. the racing is...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 14, 2015

    Jet Ski Jumping

    The title of this blog pretty much says it all. Jet Skis are pretty badass. Have a look...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 14, 2015

    Greatest MMA Fights Of All Time?

    Someone on YouTube dubbed the video below The Greatest MMA Fights Of All Time.  Do you agree?  Is...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 14, 2015

    NBA Season Coming To A Close

    With the NBA regular season coming to a close in the next few days, the long awaited playoffs...

  • Andrew Paulo | April 14, 2015

    Match Of The Day: Stone Cold VS. Vince McMahon

    Relive the greatest feud in wrestling history.  A full match inside a steel cage between Stone Cold Steve...