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Sting Has Arrived

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Forget all the hype, all the flash, and all of the bullshit blogs you’ve read about Sting up until this point. The Chief is in the building, and he’s telling you that Sting is in fact in the WWE, and he made his first appearance last night. Sting appeared on the WWE network last night in a special tribute to The Ultimate Warrior, who passed last Tuesday. Sting told a few stories about himself and The Warrior, as the two broke into the business together.


Now what does this mean for Sting and his plans down the road. Unfortunately folks, The Chief does not have a crystal ball. Will he fight The Undertaker? Who knows. Will he fight anyone at all? That remains to be seen. But I can tell you this, the guy would not be on camera on the WWE Network if the company and Sting himself didn’t already have a plan in the works. Stay tuned all of you sting “marks”




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