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Sorry folks, the 49ers cheated


Sorry folks, the 49ers cheated

Sorry folks, the 49ers cheated

In professional sports we always hear coaches and players talk about doing anything to gain an edge. Apparently the San Francisco 49ers did plenty of that during their Glory days. Below are some videos exposing the franchise.

So, Montana admits to cheating. His lineman used silicon so defenders couldn’t get a grip on their jersey. That’s cheating folks. Spin it anyway you’d like. Next, let’s see what Jerry Rice has to say….

That was basically Jerry Rice trying to back off of his original take of using stickum. Which was illegal. You can tell me all you want about the sticky gloves guys wear these days, but the fact remains that Rice cheated.

Now, this one is the most interesting. Below is a video of Bill Parcells talking about a tactic coach Bill Walsh used during a game between the Niners and the Giants…

Yet another case of the Niners doing something to gain an advantage. They cheated folks. Now, it does not take away from anything that the team accomplished. None whatsoever. However, the narrative about cheating in pro sports is laughable. All teams do it. Whether you choose to believe it or not is your own decision.



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