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Smith Gone After 2014

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The San Francisco 49ers made it clear yesterday that they’ve had enough with their idiot linebacker Aldon Smith. they have stated that this season will be his last with the team, and they will let him walk and not pick up his team option for 2015. Most people around the NFL would be shocked, but after you take a look at this fucking moron, and his track record, you will quickly realize why San Fran is making this decision.


Smith broke out right away in 2011, his rookie season, tallying 14.5 sacks, and followed it in 2012 by racking up an incredible 19.5 sacks. Last year, however smith and his wild personality reared his ugly head, and it’s been a downward spiral since then. HE had 8.5 sacks last season in only 11 games, but, an arrest for a D.U.I. and an apparent problem with alcohol in general, have led some to believe the only guy he’s sacking at this point, is himself.


Smith was also arrested less than two weeks ago at an airport for allegedly making references to a bomb or something related to that topic. Just another stupid incident, like the original arrest. Also, you have to wonder how many things has this dummy done that we don’t know about. The good news for him is this. He’s only 24, and his life and future are ahead of him. He is an amazing talent. I will leave you with a little highlight video, and with hope that this guy will straighten his shit out, and return to the dominant player he was just a year ago. Unfortunately, if he does, it won’t be as a member of the 4rers after this season.



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