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Seth Rollins: Return of the curb stomp!

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On Raw last night Jason Jordan volunteered him and his partner Seth Rollins for the raw main event however Seth had no idea. In fact he didn’t even volunteer he practically begged his dad ,General manager, Kurt Angle. Angle fulfilled his son’s wishes  and booked Rollins vs. Finn Balor for the main event of the night.

With mostly pride on the line, Rollins and Balor went out and had a hell of a match.

Then The Bar showed up and looked to beat down their future Royal Rumble opponents but mostly they wanted to attack Jason Jordan.

After Balor flew over the top rope to take out Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Sheamus and Cesaro, he returned to the ring looking to finish off Rollins. Off a missed Coup de Grace attempt, Balor bounced off the ropes but had his legs tripped up by Jordan.

Off the distraction Seth Rollins bought back the curbstomp, yeah that’s right he brought back the mother f’n curbstomp back. The curb stomp hasn’t been allowed in a WWE ring for quite a while and was even banned for a while. Rollins used to call this  move the Blackout and considering that the curb stomp is banned does that mean that seth can still use the blackout through a loophole?

Rollins used to become the first-ever NXT Champion that was cut from highlight videos shown at live events and in promo packages seems to be back. Rollins also used this move to capture the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 31. However it was removed from all highlight reels.

He simply commented, “welcome back, old friend” which has to be an understatement. Since he lost the curb stomp (or Blackout) he has bounced from one finisher to another borrowing from Triple H and Kenny Omega. But now it looks like he has his old favourite finisher back and he looked good doing it.

It’s likely this was planned and not done off the cuff  as graves called it the blackout. so this wasn’t something Balor and Rollins just cooked up on their own. It’s great that Seth Rollins has the move that makes him, him again.




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