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Rob Lowe Real NFL Fan Sends 49ers to Super Bowl

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Rob Lowe Real NFL Fan Sends 49ers to Super Bowl

49ers Defeat Packers & Rob Lowe Loves NFL. Raheem Mostert rushed for 220 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers defense to send the 9ers to the Super Bowl for their 7th appearance. Rob Lowe wore an NFL hat.


Writing Help by Will Keys @GuillermoLlaves
Rob Lowe got more action than the 49ers receivers for wearing an NFL hat with the NFL logo. Jimmy Garoppolo only had to throw the football 8 times, with six completions for 77 yards to beat the Packers 27-20. The 49ers had 286 total rushing yards, and Raheem Mosterts became the first running back to rush for 4 TD’s in a Championship game, and the first back since LeGarrett Blount to have 4 postseason tuddys.

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