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Retired wrestler’s who look completely different today!

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Wrestling isn’t an easy business and stepping in the ring can sure take the wind out of your sails. In this article we will be looking at retired wrestlers who haven’t aged well and are barely recognisable.


5. Vladimir Kozlov


Vladimir Kozlov is a relatively new member of the WWE rooster compared to some of the entrants in this list. Rather than looking worse Kozlov is looking his best since he left WWE he has slimmed up massively and grown a great beard he now could be mistaken for Hugh Jackman’s Russian cousin. He has had a pretty successful career setting up his own production company and acting as a stunt double in a fast and furious movie.

4. Ultimate Warrior


The Ultimate Warrior was known to have humongous biceps, wild face paint, endlessly high energy, however when he took to raw just hours before his passing in 2014 he looked like a shadow of his former self the man that stood in front of us had no energy he looked broken and the only time he looked like the ultimate warrior was when he put on the mask. Rest in Peace Ultimate Warrior.

3. Sycho Sid


Sycho Sid was infamous in WWE a real hard man with an inner monster. his long blond hair and ripped biceps are long gone now however and he looks like  he should be selling real estate rather than having horrific injuries at wrestlemania.


2. Vader


Since 2007, Vader has been mostly retired, and you can tell. He now looks less like a huge muscleman, and more like just a big, bald, tired dude. He’s been through a lot that would explain his haggard appearance.

1.Spike Dudley


Spike Dudley has been retired since 2010 and boy has he changed. YouTube user designfox  has summed up what happened to Spike Dudley in this awesome YouTube Video.


If you have any comments leave them down below. I am interested in wondering what you think about these wrestlers who have changed so much!




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