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Raw Preview

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It’s The Chief popping in again to give you all my take on what to look for on Monday night Raw, if you even decide to watch after last night pathetic excuse for a pay per view event.  I’m sure there will be some fall out from the John Cena attack from the Wyatt family.  Also I’m wondering if there will be conflict between members of The Shield as Dean Ambrose tried to pull a fast one on Roman Reigns during the Rumble.  Will Brock Lesnar continue his path of destruction on the way to a title shot?  Will we see any of the most popular superstar Daniel Bryan, as we barely did last night. ( Great marketing WWE)  And lastly, I’m sure we will hear from the IDIOT, woops, I meant ANIMAL Batista.  I’m sure he will have a good 90 second run on the mic that he completely fucks up in him.  Can’t wait to tune in right? Neither can I.  Just wait until you’re paying 9.99 a month to watch this crap.



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