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Peyton Manning Tribute

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The Chief is going to start this quick little post by stating that I am a die hard New England Patriots.  I bleed the Patriots colors as much as anyone and I’m willing to debate that at any time.  With that said, I also know how to recognize greatness when I see it.  Peyton Manning season this year has been one like no other at the QB position.  I just wanted to take a quick minute and give him a shout out because the guy friggen deserves it.  You won’t find many of us Pats fans doing this, mainly because most Pats fans are spoiled douchebags who have no recollection of Patriots football previous to 2001.  But anyways, Peyton, well done this year, regardless of what happens Sunday. You’ve been a great player for many years.  Here’s a video of every touchdown the man threw this season.



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