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The Patriots Dynasty

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With Super Bowl 52 just 4 days away, it seems like now is as good of a time as any to take a look back on the long road that is the Patriots 17 year Dynasty.  A run that has never been sustained for as long by any other franchise and honestly may never be replicated again.  This article will go over each year the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and I will give you my opinion on why each one carried it’s own significance.  Here we go…


2001- New England Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams – This particular Super Bowl will always go down as the most special to me.  Until this win, the Patriots were not a team that held any sort of clout in the world of professional football.  They had been a team that mired in mediocrity and never was able to win the big one.  This year changed all of that.  The Patriots were a team of destiny this season.  the emphasis being on ‘team”.  So much of one that they were the first ever to be introduced as such in the Super Bowl.  It was a year that highlighted how important every person is on a 53 man roster.  Going into this game the Patriots were 14 point underdogs and facing the Greatest show on Turf.  The Rams had won the Super Bowl just two years earlier and looked primed to do so again.  However, the Patriots were able to play physical and throw the Rams off for 3 quarters.  the Rams rallied late in the 4th quarter to tie the game, and this is where the legend of Tom Brady was born.  With a little less than a minute and a half left in the game he was able to engineer a drive to get the Pats in field goal range that was capped off with Adam Vinatieri making the biggest kick of his life at the time.  The Patriots were Champions for the first time and were finally on the map in the NFL.


2003- New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers – After a tough 2002 campaign, the Patriots had returned to the big game.  This time against a different foe, the Carolina Panthers.  This game was mostly a defensive battle for the majority of the first three quarters.  Suddenly, all of that seemed to change.  Both teams went up and down the field in the fourth quarter in what was in my opinion the best 4th quarter in Super Bowl history.  What I mean by that is more of an overall back and forth.  Each team was giving and taking the others best punches.  Luckily, the Patriots had the ball last.  Tom Terrific was able to once again deliver in the clutch and drive his team down the field to setup yet another clutch game winning kick from Vinatieri.  Patriots win 32-29 and are now the Supreme franchise in the NFL.


2004- New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles – This Super Bowl was the first one for New England where it just wasn’t all about one particular game.  This was about creating a Dynasty.  A word that was only thrown around with a handful of franchises at the time.  On this night, the Patriots became one of them.  The Eagles gave the Patriots a run in the first half of the game, but as the second half wore on, the Pats imposed their will on the Eagles.  The 24- 21 score was not indicative of the true pace of the game.  The Patriots were the better team and the Eagles had run out of gas.  They had now won 3 out 4 Super Bowls.  Something only the Dallas Cowboys had ever been able to accomplish.  The New England Patriots were now a Dynasty.  Football royalty.

2015- New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks – It had been 11 years since the Patriots last Super Bowl win.  Two heartbreaking defeats at the hands of the Giants had many Patriots fans wondering if the luck had run out.  Were the best days of this franchise behind them?  The answer to that question was they were just beginning.  All over again.  The Patriots took on the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.  A team with arguably the best defense of the modern era.  This game was  classic.  Back and forth all game.  Tom Brady led the Patriots from a 10 point defecit in the 4th quarter to put the Patriots ahead.  Then a pass to Jermaine Kearse goes down the sideline, bounces of his foot and up in the air and into his hands.  It was David Tyree all over again.  That was until Malcolm Butler reversed the juju.  The undrafted rookie free agent intercepted Russell Wilson at the 1 yard line with just seconds left to seal the win.  That play is still something I have to go back and watch to believe.  It was an unbelievable end to a great game.  After over a decade, the Patriots were on top of the NFL once again.

2017 – New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons – This is the one.  This game will be talked about 100 years from now.  By people from the area and all over the World.   It will go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest comeback in professional sports history.  The Atlanta Falcons had dominated the Patriots for almost all of 3 quarters in this game.  Nothing the Pats did seemed to work.  It just felt like it wasn’t their night.  And then, it all just clicked.  The Patriots drove down the field an got in the endzone for the for the first time.  28-9.  The got the ball back and put up 3.  28-12.  they were within to scores but needed a big play to shift momentum.  Cue a strip sack from Donta Hightower and the Patriots had a shot.  And Amendola touchdown and  direct snap to James White and it’s 28-20.  The Patriots get one more stop and Tom Brady leads his team down the field nearly 90 yard for another score.  A great screen call to Amendola and we’ve got a tie game.  Then comes overtime.  The Patriots win the coin toss and almost in unison, every Pats fan in the back of their mind is saying “IT”S OVER”.  And it was.  The Patriots marched up the field with relative ease and James White stretched across the goal line.  the Patriots were champions.  31 unanswered points to win their 5th Super Bowl.  It was a magical night that formed from the gloomiest of times just about an hour beforehand.  Even fans of other teams had to sit in awe of what the Patriots had accomplished this time.  And after a 4 game suspension of quarterback Tom Brady to begin the season, this one tasted real sweet.

There you have it folks.  A little rundown of all five Super Bowl victories from the New England Patriots.  Let’s not forget, in 4 days the Patriots are looking to win their third Super Bowl in 4 years.  They’ll have the same exact foe that they had to go through to do it the first time.  Should be a lot of fun.  Let’s all be thankful!




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