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The RAW 25 years show is definitely going to be a weird one considering the show will hail from two different arenas. Yeah you heard that right one hour of the show will be broadcasted live from the Barclays Center  and Manhattan Center. Rumors are circling that the Manhattan center will be broadcasted live for an hour whilst the Barclays center will get two hours. This is quite a weird and unique idea from WWE. It is a good way of getting more ticket sales as there are two venues for fans to be crammed into. However it will require two live sets. Currently we have no idea if both arenas will have a similar set or if each arena will have a unique set. Reports are coming in that the hour at the Manhattan center will not be a straight continuous hour but broken up in segments throughout the show. Many superstars including big names such as Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker have been scheduled to appear for the special episode appearing  live from both the Barclays Center as well as the Manhattan Center. It is confirmed that both of these legends will be appearing at The Manhattan Center however do not rule out the idea of a superstar appearing live at the Manhattan center then appearing live at the Barclays center as WWE are reportedly writing in double appearances for certain superstars.


Many backstage personnel noted that backstage footage is currently being planned to be shot documenting the day.

Several current talent have informed us that they – and others in the locker room – would like to be at the Manhattan Center for the nostalgia experience, since many were fans during that time. But we’re learning that the majority of the current full-time roster members will be used at that Barclays Center.


The following WWE Legends are confirmed for Raw 25, emanating from the Manhattan Center and the Barclays Center on Jan. 22, live on USA Network:



WWE are  documenting the whole day as an historic event which would finally end up on the WWE Network for the fans to see how it all went down. The idea of filming at two different arenas is definitely an intresting one!








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