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My Take On Michael Sam

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The Chief is here, and today we have ourselves what most would call a “delicate subject” Missouri defensive end and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam has come out as being an openly gay may in football, which most fans know is a very big deal. I want to start first by saying congratulations to Michael for having the courage that many don’t have to admit this, because there are many who still feel uncomfortable about a situation like this.


Now here is my quick take. The year is 2014. We have come so far in many aspect of humanity. Technology for one, and there are many others. So if that’s the case, why are we still so god damn primative when it comes to a gay athlete. What someone does in their own personal lives off the fiels should be no ones damn business anyways, and I’d like to give credit to many of his teammates who kept this situation quirt throughout the season and respected Sam enough to let him do this on his own, under his terms, without passing any judgement on him, no matter what their beliefs of feelings were. It shows that there is some decency left in the world.


I’m going to end this blog with this. One NFL General Manager believes that Sam will not be drafted because of this, although he is projected to be somewhere around a 4th or 5th round pick. That opinion is just truly sad, and if that is the case, that a man won’t be given a chance to play the sport he loves because he wants to live his life a certain way, then I say shame on the oranizations, shame on the NFL. And lastly, shame on humanity, because there are still a lot of pathetic individuals out there who are so uncomfortable in their own skin, that they cannot except someone who is more than comfortable in theirs. This is the Chief wishing Michal Sam nothing but good luck, and smooth sailing.




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