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Musical based on the Rock!

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A musical based on of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will debuting soon in London according to a British media outlet, the Metro, They said  women’s collaboration project Nevertheless, She created and produced a musical titled The People’s Rock that will premiere at next week’s Vault Festival.

The musical is Set in a world  30 years in the future but carrying similarities to the present, a teenage girl is living in America under the leadership of Emperor Trumpus. obviously related to Donald Trump the current president of the united states.

Producer Emma Shaw said the idea for the musical came about when a joke between friends turned serious.

it’s set in a world where there’s no television, internet or democracy, and everybody has forgotten about the past, but one girl is obsessed with the idea and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

“It came about as all the best ideas do when we were taking the piss out of one of our friends. She is obsessed with Dwayne Johnson, and had alarm clocks and cardboard cut-outs of him,” Shaw said. “We were making comments about it, and someone mentioned that this could be a good idea for a play, and it developed from there. It was a group piss-take which turned into a 60-minute play with ten songs and a full cast.”

Unfortunately The Rock himself won’t be staring in the musical but he will be represented as a puppet

“The puppeteer for The Rock is quite a big lad, but he’s not quite The Rock, who has a very distinctive look. The eyebrow alone is one hell of an acting job,” Shaw said. “In the world that we’ve created, it’s not the real Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, it’s the teenage fantasy of him. In the script we call him ‘The Fairy RockMother.’ He appears when she needs him. He’s a really tough guy in the play who thinks he can take on everybody, but he’s still really small! Because it’s a musical and it’s fun, it works really well.”

For  information on the play and how to get tickets, click here.







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