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Why the mixed match challenge will be the biggest wrestling flop of the year!

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1.The teaming’s make no sense.

The pairings are rather odd with most of the pairs never been in a team together before. At the time of writing this the only team that seems like it will have chemistry is obviously Lana and Rusev due to their previous teaming. Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair could work but surely it would be better to have teams that at least history and chemistry. Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman is definitely a unique team with Braun being a monster and alexa only being five foot one. I am currently more worried for the unconfirmed teams than the confirmed teams with the current entrants waiting for a team including Alicia Fox, Goldust, Auska, Nia Jax, Jimmy Uso and Shinsuke Nakamura. If we end up with teams like Auska and Goldust vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Alicia Fox the series will be dead in the water before it even properly starts.


2.Beth Phoenix is on commentary

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When will WWE learn there is a reason wrestlers wrestle and commentators commentate. Most wrestlers  with the exception of a small few don’t commentate because they aren’t cut out for it. they sound stiff, awkward and straight up un-natural at commentating why don’t WWE get in a proper commentator. If they can afford to hire Beth Phoenix on commentary their budget can’t be far off J.R’s asking price. I’d much rather have J.R commentate over Auska and Nakamura vs. Roode and Flair than Beth Phoenix commentating on Goldberg and Auska vs. Jimmy Uso and Alicia Fox.


3. In kayfabe the Prize doesn’t make any sense.

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Don’t get me wrong charity is great and it is refreshing to see WWE willing and happy to donate money to the winners chosen charity. However it doesn’t make sense in kayfabe. You’re telling me Braun Strowman, the monster, wants to enter a competition to win money for charity? why would he do that. it doesn’t make him seem like a heartless monster but more of cuddly teddy bear. Heels are supposed to be scumbags and scumbags don’t enter competitions to win money for charity.


4. The series main platform is Facebook 

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It is nice to see brands as big as Facebook wanting to work with WWE but it won’t be as smoothing running as they hope. It’s obvious the competitions biggest support will come from the youth. Adult wrestling fans won’t buy into the MMC as easily however it will be a lot harder for younger fans to access the content considering the show will be broadcasted on Facebook which has a minimum joining age of 13.


5. The final will be at Wrestlemania

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It will be an anti-climatic end to a over-hyped series. The match probably won’t be anything spectacular and will probably only be on the show so it can go over 4 hours and show it is the super bowl of wrestling. they will drag out the final when no fans will probably have any interest in the outcome. It is unlikely to have any real main eventers as they are unlikely to want anyone pulling double duty which means either decent talent will be under utilised or mid-card talent will be over utilised .


If you have any questions or disagree with anything said in today’s article please leave a comment down below it would be interesting to hear your opinion on the WWE mixed match competition!




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