Michael Phelps: It’s OK, He’s Only Human People

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We all know by now that Michael Phelps was arrested the other night for a DUI.  Now The Chief is not here to back up Phelps, or crucify him like many Americans have.  The Chief is simply here to state some facts and give his take.



Many Americans have turned their back on the 22 time Olympic Medalist.  That’s right folks, 22 medals.  He may be the single greatest Olympic athlete in the entire World’s history.  The DUI is not a good thing, but it’s a mistake.  And before I move on a mistake is when you do something wrong, which we have all done before.  The only difference between out mistakes and his, is that he has 22 Olympic medals to back his mistakes up.  What do any of you have?


So Michael Phelps like to rip a bong every now and then.  Is that such a big deal?  He’s spent years training day in and day out for his Olympic triumphs, while many Americans live their lives in a lazy way, never even remotely chasing their dreams.  I’ll keep this quick and simple, no one is perfect, so who the FUCK are you to judge.  The Chief wishes you all a nice evening.  Keep checking out Attitude Sports!



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