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Jordyn Leopold Daughter of Jordan Leopold Writes Letter to GM

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This story is touching.

Jordyn Leopold the 11-year-old daughter of Jordan Leopold, wrote a letter to the Minnesota Wild asking the team to trade for her father, a defensemen of the Columbus Blue Jackets & Alumni of The University of Minnesota. Jordan Leopold born from Golden Valley, Minnesota.

She Wrote;
“My dad is very lonely without his family,” the letter reads. “We are living in Minnesota right now and I am lost without my dad and so is my mom, my 2 sisters and my brother. My dad is on a team with young guys and is very lonely and is not playing because the Jackets got him because they needed a D-man. It has been since November and we can not take it anymore.” She Wrote, “Please, please, please ask the Jackets if you guys can get him.”

On Monday: The Minnesota Wild traded player Justin Falk and a fifth-round draft pick for Jordan Leopold.

When asked if Jordyn Leopold’s note had any affect on the teams decision, Wild GM Jarmo Kekalainen replied;

“The deal was done already when we saw it, almost simultaneously I guess, but that’s a touching letter,” Kekalainen said. “He’s a great pro. We wanted to do the right thing with Jordan Leopold. That’s what we had talked about the whole time, we knew that his family was in Minnesota. There is a human side, believe it or not, to our business.“I think that it’s great that he can go home, join his family. I see that letter and it’s really touching.”
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Its Nice to know these players and managers are human! Its also nice to know dreams do come true, Congrats to this little girl, her father, and her family. May the Minnesota Wild have a strong defensive year and make use out of their newest addition.



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