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John Cena pulling out of Crown Jewel is not Best for Business

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John Cena has recently pulled out of WWE Crown Jewel, but is that what’s really best for business? With Roman Reigns departure before the big event and John Cena now off the card, WWE Crown Jewel is looking less appetizing for my eyes.  The Return of HBK doesn’t quite hit home for me because I truly believed that he retired many years ago. Seeing him come out of retirement doesn’t feel right but hats off to the icon for stepping back in the ring. Back to John Cena and his recent decision to not attend the Crown Jewel event.

Bobby Lashley Will Be Replacing John Cena on The WWE World Cup This Friday at Crown Jewe

Personally I am very upset John Cena pulled out of this program because I am sure other members of the roster do not want to go but have to. How will they react to John Cena pulling out of this event? How will the fans in overseas feel about this? I do not think it is right or best for business. As we know John Cena has been replaced by Bobby Lashley, who will now be competing in the WWE World Cup tournament.



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