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How Does It Feel Vince?

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With Cm Punk signing with UFC, The Chief has just one simple question for one simple man.  Vince Mcmahon, how does it feel?…….brother?  How does it feel that the best wrestler in the world, the one you and both HHH ran out of the company.  Sure , I get it, he quit right?  but smart wrestling know he quit because of the bullshit from you and your dufus son in law.Now he’s taking his talents elsewhere, and good for him.  Hope you feel like an idiot Vince.  Maybe you will learn one day that your not solely responsible for your success.  As a matter of fact, it’s your success that’s been greatly supported, by the blood sweat, tears and hell, even deaths of many top superstars.  They made you, Vince, not the other way around.



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