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He’ll Be Back

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With many questions still lingering about the disappearance of top wrestler CM Punk from WWE programming, a small clue surfaced over the last 24 hours that may shed some light on the whole situation.


If you look to the bottom left under miscellaneous you will see next to Punks name it says INJ or Injured and TBD which clearly stands for To Be Determined. Now, the rumors have swirled around that Punk left because he was unhappy with how he was used within the company and some of that may be true, but I also believe that CM Punk has taken some time off to rest of from the grueling toll that this business can take on your body over the course of time.


So give me just a second and let The Chief be real straight with ya!!! CM Punks contract expires in July of this year. That would lead many to believe that he has walked out on the company, and he is done for good. It also leaves an idea in my head that his time away was an opportunity to build up a guy like Daniel Bryan, and let Punk rest up. Summer Slam is a little over a month after Punks contract “expires.” Summer Slam would be a great time for a healthy Punk to make quite a comeback. And if I’m wrong, I’d would be as wrong as many who have already predicted his return.(check your sources folks) All I know for sure, is that The Chief is staying tuned. Have a good night “Marks”




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