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EC3 WILL return to WWE after leaving Impact Wrestling

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Attitude sports is happy to confirm that Impact wrestling star Ethan Carter the third will be returning in the annual WWE Royal Rumble match after leaving Impact Wrestling.

Ethan Carter the third aka EC3 is a 34 year old two time world champion and perhaps one of Impact wrestling’s most successful stars. Last week he was written out of Impact Wrestling storylines during a taping in Florida for television numerous sources confirmed this was because his contract is set to expire.

EC3 took part in Impact wrestling’s feast of fired match in which the competitors either get a title shot or get fired. Ethan Carter the third grabbed a briefcase that resulted in him receiving the “fired” stipulation.

It was already common knowledge that EC3 didn’t want to resign with Impact Wrestling especially considering the past 18 months the companies had. He has already reportedly filled a trademark request for his name.

Also PWinsider reported EC3 was spotted outside the WWE performance center. Also independent wrestling promotion  Renegade Wrestling Revolution in Texas announced that EC3 would be unable to make their next event, which falls on Sunday 1/28, the same day as the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia.

WWE fans might remember this won’t be the first time EC3 has been in a WWE ring as EC3  joined WWE’s NXT division in 2009 and was part of the fourth season of the old NXT show with the current smackdown General Manager  Daniel Bryan as his mentor. He finished 3rd in NXT then moved on to smackdown before joining  ,NXT Redemption, The fifth NXT series

He was involved in a love triangle with Fandango and a current Lucha underground star. His last WWE match was against new day Member Big E. He the proceeded to leave the company in 2013.

He then joined TNA , Now known as Impact Wrestling, as EC3 the spoiled nephew of president Dixie Carter.

A long winning streak saw him gain popularity and stand out from the crowd he defeated icons Sting and Kurt Angle and world champions Bully Ray, Lashley and Matt Hardy.

Impact Wrestling amended talent agreements to allow its wrestlers to use their existing personas after leaving the company.That means EC3 could appear in WWE using the same character.




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