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Complete Sweet 16 Breakdown and Predictions


Complete Sweet 16 Breakdown and Predictions

Now that the first 4 wild and crazy days of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament are out of the way, The Chief can sit back and break down the sweet 16.  The smoke has settled and the dust has cleared.  What’s left you ask?  16 teams with one goal.  Make it through next weekend, and they’ll be playing for a chance at a National Championship.

3/26 #1 Seed Kentucky VS. #5 West Virginia –  The run for 40-0 continues.  West Virginia does have an athletic group, and Bobby Huggins matching up once again with John Calapari will be a tough match up for those Wildcats, but Kentucky is just too good in this one and will keep rolling right along.

3/26 #3 Seed Notre Dame VS. #7 Wichita State – This is my favorite match up in this round.  I wish it was happening Saturday and not Thursday, but it will have to do.  Notre Dame is playing awesome basketball and Wichita State is coming off of arguably the biggest win it it’s programs history.  My mind is telling me that Notre Dame will be too much in the end.  Too bad The Chief is growing a pair and going with his heart on this one.  Wichita State takes a late lead and holds on for the win.  Bring on the Wildcats baby!!!

3/26 #1 Seed Wisconsin VS. #4 North Carolina – North Carolina survived a legitimate scare from Harvard in the first round and a fairly close 2nd round game against Arkansas.  Wisconsin rolled in round one against Coastal Carolina and although they struggle towards the end of the game last night against Oregon, they were very much in control of that game as well.  Wisconsin will roll right along into the Elite 8 unless North Carolina can play their best game of the season.  I just don’t think that it will happen.

3/26 #2 seed Arizona VS. #6 Xavier – Xavier took care of Ole Miss 76-57 in the first round last week and got a little bit of a gift when Georgia State upset Baylor.  Arizona coach Sean Miller will bring his Cats in to face his former team, and The chief has a feeling that this will not be pretty.  This one has the chance to be a blowout.  Xavier easy road gets a lot tougher.  Arizona just has too much talent.

3/27 #2 Seed Gonzaga VS. #11 UCLA – There were many people that were upset for the presence of UCLA in the tournament, but they have been able to prove their worth so far and find themselves with a chance to do something special.  On the other hand, Gonzaga is trying to prove their worth after some early tournament exits over the years.  The Bulldogs have an awesome team and this year is almost setup too perfectly for the Zags to make a real deep run.  They are going to lay waste to the Bruins.  The clock has struck midnight very quickly to UCLA.

3/27 #3 Seed Oklahoma VS. #7 Michigan State – Let’s face it, Oklahoma hasn’t exactly looked impressive in it’s 2 wins against Albany and Dayton.  The total opposite can be said for the Michigan State squad who defeated Georgia and Virginia to get where they are at this point.  Michigan State played some great ball coming into the tournament and their season won’t be ending just yet.  They’re a better team than Oklahoma and it will show Friday night.  Look out for those spoiler Spartans.

3/27 #1 Seed Duke VS. #5 Utah – The Blue Devils crushed Robert Morris last week and completely dominated San Diego State yesterday to wrap up what they made seem like an easy weekend.  Utah worked hard in their first game against Stephen Austin, but responded very well when they beat Georgetown with ease in their next game.  The Utes have a solid team and although Duke has plenty of talent and most likely the #1 overall pick in the NBA draft Jahlil Okafor that’s not going to be enough on this day.  I’m going out on a limb but I think the Utes will prevail in this one and it’s on to the next one while Duke will sit back and think about how they let this one slip away late.

3/27 #4 Seed Louisville VS. #8 North Carolina State – This final matchup is the battle of two teams that have awesome talent but just can’t seem to put it all together.  Louisville struggled and easily could have lost both of it’s opening games in the tourney.  The Wolf pack had to fight back to beat LSU in it’s first game and then followed with an epic performance when they upset #1 seed Villanova over the weekend.  The coaching edge is obviously in Rick Pitino’s favor, but this time talent will previal and North Carolina will move on to the Elite 8.

Your comments are appreciated.  The Chief sure as hell knows he’s not the only NCAA basketball fans out there.  Give us a prediction or thought on what you think will happen.  This tournament brings out a lot of emotion and shows us Sports fans what true Attitude really is.  Don’t we all just love it?









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