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New betting favourite for men’s Royal Rumble revealed

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Roman Reigns is no longer the favourite heading into Philly.

According to Paddy Power Roman reigns is no longer the favorite to win this months royal rumble.  After months of Reigns and Cena being at the top of the pile, they have been knocked off of the top spot in the betting odds. Shinsuke Nakamura is now the 7/5 favourite to Win the Royal Rumble match , with Roman Reigns just behind at 9/4 and Cena down in third at 4/1. The other two men in the top five are Dolph Ziggler at 5/1, and Finn Balor at 7/1.

This doesn’t exactly confirm that The King of Strong Style is going to walk away with the Rumble win in Philadelphia so don’t put your life savings on him winning. However Paddy Power tend to be very reliable.


Whilst we are on the subject of Royal Rumble odds we might as well mention some of this years funnier odds.

Connor McGregor winning the royal rumble 100/1. Ok this isn’t that funny but lets face it there’s no way it’s happening

Donald Trump winning the royal rumble 750/1 POTUS and a royal rumble winner somehow I don’t think so lol.

Barrack Obama winning the royal rumble 1000/1 Obama needs a new job now he has left the White House could he be the next Mr. WrestleMania.



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